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Col. Kilgore's Analogy

February 8th, 2009 (03:41 pm)

Col. Kilgore's Analogy
Originally uploaded by Bob King.
grabbed from a comment at crooks and liars, www.graphictruth.com/2009/02/graphictruth-via-crooks-and-...

This is a zazzle template and there's a serious idea besides the fact that I might make a buck on it; it's a way of making public a fact that local, state and national media are complicit in covering up levels of scandal and crime that boggle the mind. (See story.)

This is a way of calling attention to local scandals by associating your local embarrassment to this statement.

Oh, as for the idea - if you think it would be more profitable to print it yourself - go for it. Meanwhile, I'm gonna turn this into t-shirts featuring the governors of Nevada and Alaska. :>