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Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

A public notice from Misinformation Canada

February 16th, 2009 (03:13 pm)

Trying my hand at kinder, gentler, more Canadian humor. How'd I do?

Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

Col. Kilgore's Analogy

February 8th, 2009 (03:41 pm)

Col. Kilgore's Analogy
Originally uploaded by Bob King.
grabbed from a comment at crooks and liars, www.graphictruth.com/2009/02/graphictruth-via-crooks-and-...

This is a zazzle template and there's a serious idea besides the fact that I might make a buck on it; it's a way of making public a fact that local, state and national media are complicit in covering up levels of scandal and crime that boggle the mind. (See story.)

This is a way of calling attention to local scandals by associating your local embarrassment to this statement.

Oh, as for the idea - if you think it would be more profitable to print it yourself - go for it. Meanwhile, I'm gonna turn this into t-shirts featuring the governors of Nevada and Alaska. :>

Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

Make Someone's Day Over There

November 15th, 2008 (11:08 pm)

clipped from www.cafepress.com
Military Flip MinoHD
Military Flip MinoHD

A video war diary for you or someone "over there." The Flip Minos are ideal for this misson; simple, compact and easy to use. It's solid state and ready to rock and roll.

Flip Video MinoHD puts the power of HD video in your pocket. MinoHD™ offers all the signature Flip Video features you love -- sleek design, simple user interface, flip-out USB arm, built-in editing and sharing software -- plus stunningly crisp, clear HD-quality video. MinoHD: the world's smallest HD camcorder.
  • Holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video on 4GB of built-in memory
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    This is actually my own design. What do you think? It's intended to be both whimsical and practical, it could be vital field equipment for a lot of soldiers - but you know how it is; it won't be issued. <br><br>
    It might be particularly useful for getting orders on the record - just, you know, in case.
    For most, I hope, it will be a really simple way of making a video diary for the folks back home.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Water Goes Off the Grid

    November 7th, 2008 (01:55 pm)

    clipped from spectrum.ieee.org
    A Canadian company rethinks atmospheric-water generators

    Happy Now?: Will the chance to generate drinking water
    from the air make consumers smile?

    The escalating cost of electricity has sent a growing
    number of consumers in search of ways to generate
    electricity at home. Element Four, based in Kelowna,
    B.C., Canada, is betting that with bottled-water
    consumption increasing and aging water distribution
    systems, water will be the next commodity consumers will
    want to produce at home. The company has done what it
    says is a top-to-bottom reinvention of the
    atmospheric-water generator—a device that pulls water
    from the air by cooling it to the point that
    condensation forms and then keeps it sterile for

    Element Four’s WaterMill is a 300‑watt generator that
    makes up to 12 liters of drinking water per day—enough,
    it says, for your typical North American household. At
    Kelowna’s rate of 6 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour, the
    cost comes to about 3 to 4 cents per liter
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    And it's Canadian!

    In combination with sustainable power generation - solar, wind, thermal differential, biofuels, biogas - this would definitely make long term, sustainable independence possible in very remote locations. Or in your city apartment, for that matter.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Purple America

    November 7th, 2008 (01:45 pm)

    clipped from scienceblogs.com

    Here's a graphic illustration of how the presidential election turned out. These are the results by county, with color reflecting the percentage that voted Republican (red) and Democrat (blue).


    Here's what it looks like when the counties are scaled by population size; the smear of reds is greatly diminished.

    It's striking how the emptiest places in the country are enriched with fervent conservatives. People are always fretting over how conservatives are outbreeding liberals, but it seems to me that that actually works in liberals' favor — as communities become larger and more interdependent, as people grow up aware of social support systems, as their numbers create richer opportunities for education, there's a trend towards embracing liberal values.
    Of course, there is the alternative explanation:

    Whatever the explanation is, I want more blue in these maps. There are more election cartograms to peruse.

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    Oddly enough, people who are not isolated from differences, who have to work with black, gay, Hispanic, lesbian, First Nations persons of various and no religious background end up being far more decent people on average.

    Hm. Amusing thought; when Mao Tse Tung sent all the "Counterrevolutionary Intellectuals" to the country to work in the fields, it's quite possible that he was sowing the seeds for the end of Maoist thought.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    BOFH/IT Embroidered Shirt

    November 3rd, 2008 (08:19 pm)


    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Skateboarding as Life Lesson

    November 3rd, 2008 (07:33 pm)

    I wanted to make something with my No Whining graphic that was not so ambigious, that spoke to my own ideal of a life lived in full contact with reality - even when it bites.

    Here it is, I'm really damn proud of it and I'd appreciate a gold star or five.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Here's a life lesson for you...

    October 29th, 2008 (02:46 pm)

    clipped from thecurvature.com

    It would seem to me that in most cases, if a 49-year-old man intended to sexually abuse a 16-year-old girl and she stabbed him, the cries of “self defense” would be deafening.  Under most circumstances, if a 16-year-old girl was sent to jail for 2 to 2 1/2 years because of stabbing a man who attempted to sexually abuse her, there would be public outrage.

    So why silence now?  Is it not self defense when you’re working as a prostitute?  Are we back to the legal system’s “prostitutes can’t be raped” theory?  Does this dehumanizing, misogynistic and rape apologist myth now apply to children, as well?

    Even worse, the prosecution openly admits that the girl’s claims of kidnapping and attempted rape are credible:

    he man she killed seemingly without a doubt had intent to sexually harm her.  The prosecution accepts that the girl’s story is credible.  And both the defense and prosecution admit that if the case had been allowed to go to trial, she would have likely been acquitted. 
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    And what does this teach you, children? What example does THIS set?

    It seems to me that this does not reflect well on either prosecution or defense, and in the particular case of defense council, I cannot help but think that an ethics review is in order.

    Oh, and an appeal based on the clearly improper advice of council is damn well in order.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Yeah. It's Like that.

    October 26th, 2008 (09:54 pm)

    clipped from men.style.com

    It occurred to me, as I sat there watching an interracial couple banging, that jacking off in a hotel room was not unlike the larger experience of campaign reporting. You watch two performers. You kind of like it when one of them gets humiliated. You know they’re professionals, so you don’t feel much sympathy for them. You wish you could participate, but instead you watch with a hidden envy and feel vaguely ashamed for watching. You think you could probably do as good a job or better. You sometimes get a glimpse, intentionally or not, of society’s hidden desires and fears. You watch the porn week after week, the scenes almost always the same, none of them too memorable. The best ones get sent around the Internet.

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    Blogging, of course, is a particularly unrewarding form of solitary vice.

    What's even worse is that this silly post will be my money shot for the month, because it has "jacking off" and "Porn" in it.

    I'm just too jaded to take this any further, other than to say that the mindless ejaculations of Palin Supporters DO remind me of the mindless ejaculations of the fans of Hot Wife Porn over on flickr.

    Except that it seems somehow less degrading to everyone involved.

    Bob King - FirewheelVortex [userpic]

    Straight-Laced Science V. Gay* Agenda**

    October 21st, 2008 (12:45 pm)

    clipped from digg.com

    Gay Bugs Breed

    newscientist.com —
    Homosexual copulations are common in insects, where they pose the same conundrum as in mammals: what evolutionary advantage, if any, might such apparently fruitl

  • Bugs are so gay.
    2 Replies — best has 1 digg
  • Did they also study female bug interactions? ...not that I'd be interested in such things...
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  • These comments are going to turn into a shitstorm so fast....

    Ohp, too late.
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    *Wheren "Gay" is taken to mean gleeful, fun, irreverent.

    **A date book that helps you fit everything in.

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